Bouncin’ Around Denver

15 Jun

Hi, all – Babs here.

Well, we’re back in Denver for a couple of weeks taking care of family business and recuperating from the crazy month of May. It’s been a nice, relaxing time visiting friends and family but almost time to get back to work.

This weekend is Denver Pride. We always look forward to this event. There are so many wild, crazy, colorful people and they’re always so much fun to watch. This year, of course, there’s a huge damper on the festivities with the recent tragedy in Orlando. We’re extremely sad for the senseless loss of life and the grief and sorrow that it brings to the friends and family of the victims. At the same time, we feel the obligation to show our support and our solidarity with the LGBT community by using Pride to celebrate their lives and the enormous strides taken for public acceptance and tolerance of alternative lifestyles. Our thoughts will be with those who are grieving.

Next week we’ll be heading to Kansas City for a Makers Faire, something we’ve never done before. We’re hoping it’s a good event and that maybe we’ll get a chance to see friends in that area. If you’re between Denver and Kansas City, or in the Chicago area, please hit us up and see if we can’t get together to say hi in the next few weeks!

Happy Pride to all of our friends in Denver, and anywhere else that’s celebrating it this weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon. Gotta bounce!

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