Hoppin’ to KC!

22 Jun

Hi, all – Babs here. 🙂

We’ve been relaxing in Denver for the past couple of weeks, with the exception of last weekend, which was Denver Pride. It was a great show, as always, with lots of really cool and fun people (well, since the temp was close to 100 degrees I guess they were pretty hot, but they were cool too).

Today we’re heading to Kansas City. We haven’t been there since the RT romance convention a couple of years ago, where I had my picture taken about a million times. (Does anybody remember meeting me there?)

This show is going to be really different, I think. It’s called a Maker’s Fair and it sounds like it’s going to be people who invent or handcraft things, including a bunch of kid inventors. That’s pretty cool. We’ve never done a show like that, and I’m kind of looking forward to hopping around to see all the different inventions. (That is, unless some wiseass invented a rabbit catcher or something!)

So, for those of you (and you know who you are!) who live anywhere near Kansas City (and I do mean Kansas or Missouri), make sure you contact us so we can try to get together for coffee or lettuce or something.

Reggie’s anxious to get on the road, so I guess I gotta bounce. See you in KC!

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