What we’ve learned through the last year on the road…

29 Jul

So this week, having just passed the one-year anniversary of living on the road,  I decided to ask everyone to come up with the most important thing they’ve learned over the last year. Here are all of our answers.

Reggie: How to deal with stress. Heavy drinking, medications, crush your emotions down and deal with them later. Seriously, how to deal with my partners in a more mature way.

Evie: That I’m a stronger person than I thought I was.

Kasi: Not to argue with people in my head. I don’t know who said this, and I’m not qualified to defend it on an international level, but I have definitely come to believe it on an interpersonal level: “It is impossible to simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” No matter how private I think my thoughts are, if I’m waging war with someone in my head, they’re going to feel it. And even if they don’t know exactly what they’re feeling, they’re going to become convinced that they’re being attacked. And then they’ll attack back. It’s better to just let go of whatever it was  in the first place, and to resist the temptation to defend yourself when you feel like you’re being attacked.

I have to say, I think we’re all surprised that we survived the last year. There have definitely been some rough patches, and everybody has had to make many, many compromises and learn to let go of a lot of stuff. It hasn’t been easy, being stuffed in such a small space most of the time, constantly worried about money, trying to keep up with the demands of doing shows almost every weekend (and having to make stock for all of those shows!), and not having the luxury of an actual house to relax in. But we’ve all grown a tremendous amount, and we’ve had to constantly recommit to each other and to our common goals. I think, despite the bruises (mostly emotional) and the growing pains, that we’ve done a hell of a job pulling together and supporting each other. There isn’t any doubt in my own head that we’re all a lot stronger than we thought we were. And I, for one, am looking forward to the next adventure-filled year!


One Response to “What we’ve learned through the last year on the road…”

  1. Tina D July 29, 2016 at 12:47 pm #

    You all are much braver than I am. I can barely share an apartment let alone something smaller. I hope that while you are out an about I will be able to see you all.

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