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Just for today…

9 Sep

Hello – Kasi here. I read something recently that I’ve been finding kind of useful so I thought I’d share it this week.

This is actually from two different sources, but I’ve combined it into one mantra and I like it. It’s been useful for when I start to get anxious, upset, or worried. I calm myself down and repeat to myself, “Just for today I won’t worry. Just for today I won’t get angry. Just for today I will judge nothing that happens.”

The beauty of this is that I often feel like I have an obligation to worry. Otherwise, how am I ever going to solve any of my problems? This is kind of like the Scarlett O’Hara declaration: “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” Of course, you can’t solve anything by putting it off, but I think worry is different. Worry doesn’t solve anything; in fact, it tends to make it harder to sit down and think realistically about the situation and come up with possible solutions. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you could argue that worrying actually makes the situation worse, because you’re focusing on bad stuff, which draws more bad stuff.

Now, of course the first thing I did after I started this was to get angry about something stupid. When I remembered the mantra I of course started judging myself for having gotten angry. So I had to give up being angry at the situation and then I had to give up judging myself for being angry.

I know it might sound simplistic or overly optimistic. But giving yourself permission to not worry or get angry can be a good technique to separate your emotional reactions from logic. When you take out the emotion it’s easier to find options and solutions.

Thanks for putting up with my philosophical ramblings again. I hope everyone is having a happy September!

Bouncin’ through yellow rocks? Why???

7 Sep

Hi, all – Babs here. I have to tell you, I’m really starting to worry about these humans. Now, being a rabbit, of course I like the countryside. Lots of grass, yummy clover, room to bounce free…

But this week was just a little too much. I admit, this yellow rocks place or whatever it was called did have some nice scenery. The humans were ooh’ing and aah’ing over all of the beautiful mountain roads, the views, buffalo in the distance (where they belong), and it was all well and good, but then they actually stopped to look at hot water spewing out of the ground. Not only that, but we had to wait for over an hour for it.


And it smelled AWFUL!! They wouldn’t even let me go exploring because of all the signs that said the ground was unsafe. I mean, what’s the use of a park where you can’t run where you want?

If that wasn’t bad enough, then they actually pulled over and got out of the RV to go look at a BEAR! I mean, seriously, a BEAR! Who in their right mind would actually run TOWARD a bear? Granted, it was on the other side of the river and from what they said it was busy munching on a moose leg or something, but still. No way in hell was I getting out of the vehicle to go tempting fate by parading around in front of some animal that would be more than happy to have me for lunch.

Bear in Yellowstone.jpg

Then when we got out of that scary park, they stopped at a place called Medicine Wheel. That sounded nice and safe, so I went along for the 3-mile mountain hike to see this place. Turns out it was just rocks in the ground, although I admit there was something odd about the feel of the place. They kept talking about how old it was but… come on, we’re talking about rocks here. They’re ALL OLD! Then it started raining and hailing on the way back to the RV, and I am not a fan of rain, much less hail. Of course I could have ran back by myself instead of staying with the slow humans, but that seemed rude, so I stayed and suffered with them. Besides, you just never know where those bears might be hanging out…

Medicine wheel.jpg

But we finally got out of the wild, wild West and are now back in civilization (a hotel room with television and everything!). Heading back to Denver for a concert this weekend. Then we’ll be bouncing to Pennsylvania next week. I’m looking forward to that since we haven’t been in the East for WAYYY too long.

Well, these humans have a lot of chainmail to make and it’s up to me to keep them motivated. Have a great week, everybody, and take it from me – bears are overrated. I thought their alligators were scary, but that bear just looked EVIL.

So back to work now. Gotta bounce!