Bouncin’ to Yellowstone

Hi, all – Babs here. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten online, but I actually got a chance to use a laptop today. There’s no way I’m going outside, because we’re in an RV park near Yellowstone, and there are signs all over the place warning about bears.

I mean, really. Bears? Why would anyone go hang out with bears? The humans are all walking down by a lake that seems to belong to a guy named Henry. From when I peeked out the window it looks like a really pretty place, but personally I’m not taking any chances.20160830_175546

Tomorrow’s not going to be any better, either. We’re going to be driving through Yellowstone, and from what I heard they’re hoping to see all kinds of big, dangerous animals. I can appreciate the scenery, but I have to say I’d rather be sitting by the pool in Vegas, like last week. Then we had a show in Salt Lake City, and we decided we would take a detour and do some sightseeing before we head back to Denver for High Elevation music festival next weekend.

After that we’ll be heading to Pennsylvania. Looking forward to seeing the East Coast again! It’s going to be a busy next two months. Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Gotta bounce….

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