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The BDSM Diet by Kasi and Reggie Alexander.

Have you ever wondered why people engage in BDSM? One of the many reasons is to satisfy a need within themselves. It doesn’t matter if that need is to submit to that sexy alpha character in your life or to lose those pesky pounds that just won’t melt away. The BDSM Diet will provide you with the road map to those goals and many others. You can do this program with your partner, a concerned friend or by yourself, and we will show you how. It can add a deeper level to your connection, be as erotic as you want it to be and motivate you with rewards for success while making you accountable for missed goals. Your life will be filled with an intensity that takes your breath away, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long.


Naughty Ever After Bedtime Stories Vol. 1 – Hot Summer Nights

A collection of hot short stories from the authors of Naughty Ever After: Reggie Alexander, Eva Alexander, Treena Wiles, Kasi Alexander and Cassidy Browning.

“Becoming sage” is the first book in the Keyhole Series from Omnific Publishing (www.omnificpublishing.com).

Read the first chapter: Becoming sage Ch 1

With a failed marriage behind her, Jill Marten was looking to start a new chapter in her life. She had no idea that running into her old friend Jessie would unlock a whole new world. When she accepts Jessie’s invitation to a party, in order to “try something completely different,” it awakens a need to discover her place in a new community. Jill begins her journey into submission, bondage, and polyamory, even as she questions everything that she has been taught about love and relationships. Once she opens the door to a life she never imagined, a peek through the keyhole is no longer enough and she must learn what it means to become sage.
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“Saving sunni” is the second book in the Keyhole Series from Omnific Publishing

Read the first chapter: Saving sunni Ch 1

Jessie Chambers—“sunni” to the local BDSM community—needs to grow up. Her master, Sir Rune, has told her to get a job. Her sister slave sage is struggling through college, serious as ever. sunni goes to the local goth/kink store, The Fringe Element, and is immediately embraced by its quirky owner as the newest member of her “little family.” But almost immediately things start to get complicated. sunni’s ex shows up, claiming he’s found God and that God wants them to get back together. A video of sunni and Sir Rune doing a scene at the club winds up on television and all kinds of trouble ensues. sunni must figure out a way to restore her relationships, keep her master from getting deported, take over running the store, and stop everybody else from trying to “save sunni.”
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Keyhole Kinklets


Whether you are a Dominant or a submissive, your first experience in the BDSM lifestyle was probably frightening, yet exciting. It is forbidden, making it all the more thrilling. It is out of the ordinary and not understood by many, but can be like coming home or finding your tribe to those destined for the dynamic. Join four of the Keyhole series cast as they share their “First Time.” You’ll see Sir Rune’s journey into the lifestyle from a foreign land, sunni’s first kinky event, How amy meets Sir Matthew and daisy’s path to her chosen family. So come take a peek through the keyhole—you know you want to.

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“Clifftop Fantasies” is the first book in the BDSM Menage Fantasies series from Siren Bookstrand (www.bookstrand.com/clifftop-fantasies)

Read the first chapter: Clifftop Fantasies Ch 1

When Allie Walker inherits her father’s huge, beautiful house on the California coast, she knows it is the chance of a lifetime. Now she can start the bed-and-breakfast she’s always dreamed of—with the help of her boyfriend Brad McCarthy and the sexy, mysterious handyman Karl Masterson. But no sooner do they open for business when mistakes from Allie’s past come back to haunt her and she begins to suspect that her father had his own shocking secrets. Now Allie must reconcile herself with her past, deal with the photographer who seems to want to bring up things she’d rather not talk about, decide what to do about the sexy woman that is showing interest in Brad, and how to deal with the fact that her father was a leader in the local BDSM community. And then there is her growing attraction to Karl and the way of life he represents.
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The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies is the second installment of the BDSM Menage Fantasies.

Read the first chapter: Falcon Ch 1

After a wonderful review in Exotic Travels Magazine, the BDSM bed-and-breakfast Clifftop Fantasies has been invaded by the charming but undisciplined rock star Daphne “Falcon” Monroe, there to film her newest video. She has brought her rowdy bandmates, her harassed and overworked manager Finn Scott, and her own appetite for chaos and trouble. Finn is determined to rein in her explosive nature, but he may not be able to accomplish it in time to keep her from ruining her career. Little does either of them know that they are on a collision course with the troubled and grieving pilot Decker Cunningham.

Will her self-destructive tendencies be stoked by bad boy Blaze, or will she be tamed by the combined efforts of Finn and the quiet Dominant Decker? Add in an illicit affair with an up-and-coming politician, and an unsuspecting leather community, and you’ll discover who becomes the Masters of Falcon’s fantasies.
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Double Dom Fantasies is the third installment in the BDSM Menage Fantasies.

Read the first chapter: Double Dom Ch 1

Reeling from the loss of her boyfriend, job, and self-respect, Sami Peters is shocked to find herself at the inaugural BDSM Boot Camp at Clifftop Fantasies. If that isn’t enough, she’s partnered with not one but two semipro football players, known as AJ and Crash.

AJ is pining over his ex, and the normally happy-go-lucky Crash is distressed by the amount of vegetables in the cooking at Clifftop. Sami finds herself taking classes with these two in rope bondage, needle play, and scene negotiation, among other alarming topics.

On top of everything else, Sami’s best friend Carly and most of the Grandpointe leather community are under attack by a moral crusader. Can Sami, AJ, and Crash save the community and themselves by exploring this new lifestyle together? Should she submit to the guys as they learn to be Doms, or are they just out slumming?
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cb-bmf-writesofsubmission3 - Copy

Writes of Submission is the fourth installment in the BDSM Menage Fantasies.

Read the first chapter: Writes of Submission Ch 1

Nikki Sutherland can’t believe her luck. She’s won an all-expenses paid trip to the BDSM resort Clifftop Fantasies to co-author a book with her idol, erotic romance author Candee Appelbaum. Unfortunately, Candee is really a man—a very good-looking man—named Kane Harris. Another gorgeous hunk, Dante Hunter, is also at Clifftop to market the resort owner’s new cookbook, Stealth Veggies. The guys are both younger than her and way out of her league—or so she thinks. Even worse, Kane is a wisecracking eccentric with a skewed fashion sense and an odd taste in music who writes late at night with a bottle of wine. Dante likes to do his thinking during yoga or biking, things Nikki hasn’t done in years. Nikki’s journey teaches her the difference between reading hot, sexy ménage scenes and living them with the two best-looking guys she’s ever met. Can she handle the Writes of Submission?

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Arresting Dominance


Sometimes fate stalks you like an animal.

Ginny Nelson has fled from a failed polyamorous experiment right into the sights of the two sexiest men she’s ever seen. To make things better, they’re dominant and protective—they’re cops. Should she try love again?

Liam McCulloch and Jeremy Knight are two SWAT cops who like to have fun and live by the seat of their pants. They came to the BDSM Bed & Breakfast Clifftop Fantasies for a vacation that promises to be exciting. They’d never heard of a Human Fox Hunt before, but they’re willing to try anything once.

A daring bet leads all of them to give love another try. But when the couple from Ginny’s past comes back, their budding relationship and the prospect of a long-distance romance threatens everything. Will she choose the past, or the possible future of her dreams? Or neither?

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“It’s Only Kinky the First Time” – a FREE short story available at Omnific Publishing

“Learning the Ropes” – a free short story at Omnific Publishing!

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