Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

Hello – Kasi here. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As you may have heard from Babs, we’re in beautiful Destin, Florida this week. Our condo is on the 17th floor, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s been in the 80s most of the time. Absolutely gorgeous.

There have been some health issues which have made it a challenging few days, but overall we have lots to be thankful for. It’s been an interesting year, with lots of changes and adjustments for everybody in the family. But you can’t go forward in life if you’re always looking back, and if you’re not moving forward you’re dying.

So we’re choosing to use the challenges that come our way to make us stronger and more determined to make our own way. It’s odd not to have a home base, and we’re not all adjusting to life in an RV at the same rate, but we’re all committed to our dreams and to each other, and that’s what’s important.

Best wishes for a very happy holiday season to all of our friends. Hopefully we’ll get to see many of you in the upcoming year as we travel. Feel free to touch base with us periodically and let us know if it looks like we’re going to be near you. Having friends across the country is one of the best things about our new lifestyle, and we’re excited to get to know you better, and to make new friends as we go.

Happy holidays!

Thankful to be in Florida!

25 Nov


Hi everybody! Babs here. So what do you think of my new look? I just enjoyed New York so much I want to keep the experience alive as long as possible.

You always hear that the Big Apple is filled with rude, unhappy people rushing around and crowding each other so that you can hardly walk down the street. That’s not what we found at all. Almost everybody we met was pleasant, polite, and helpful. And we found a great place to have lunch that had more kinds of salad than I think I’ve ever seen before!

Everything was much cleaner than we’d expected, and it was so easy to figure out the trains and subway system. Of course, I could have hopped anywhere in no time, but humans just don’t have the kind of stamina that we bunnies do. I took public transportation so they could keep up.  :-)

Last weekend we were in St. Louis at a really fun event called Spanksgiving. The people there are so cool, and it’s a really nice area, but–BRRR! It actually snowed! So as soon as the show was over we jumped back in the RV and headed SOUTH! We made it into Destin, Florida today, and we’re going to stay here for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of that, I want to take a minute to say how thankful I am for my family and all the friends we have. I am so lucky to have partners who are willing to take risks, work hard, put up with some inconveniences, and go through some rough times in order to make our dreams come true. It’s not always easy but with everybody working together, we make a fantastic team. I feel like the luckiest bunny in the world.

Everywhere we go we meet very nice, friendly and fun people who I hope we get to meet again. Anytime we’re going to be in your area, please feel free to write and suggest that we get together! We love meeting new friends and reestablishing connections with people we’ve met before.

To all of our friends, we all wish you a happy Thanksgiving filled with good friends, family, and of course lots and lots of FOOD! (Personally I don’t eat turkey but I do admit I like a good celery stuffing and sweet potatoes.)

New Release – Twin Haven by Erika Reed

23 Nov

Twin Haven cover

Rylee Dawson never imagined that everything she ever loved would be taken away from her in the blink of an eye, but after waking up in the hospital from being in a serious car accident with her husband, she learns how fragile life is. After coming to terms with the loss of her husband, she is finally ready to move forward with her life. That’s when Rylee’s best friend suggests she takes a vacation to her brothers’ retreat in Montana. Rylee has never envisioned herself falling in love ever again, that is, until she met the McGuire twins.

Cade and Carter McGuire are twin brothers who own Twin Haven Lodge. Trust has always been an issue with Cade, especially after a bad sexual experience with a past lover, so he has never had a problem living the single life—until he and Carter meet Rylee.

For years Carter had been patient with his brother, but after meeting Rylee he realizes the time has come for him and his brother to finally settle down. He isn’t about to let the woman of his dreams slip away because of his brother’s emotional baggage.

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Erika Reed’s website


Emotional Vulnerability

20 Nov

Good Morning friends, This is Reggie and I would like to discuss a serious topic today and get your input on how you handle emotional vulnerability, stress and depression. This year has been tough for many people including us. Up until about three years ago I was a police officer. I spent much of my adult life in that field and had developed survival skills to allow me to deal with seeing the absolute worst of humanity on a daily basis without letting it destroy me.

As with many in law enforcement I built shields within myself to protect me from what I dealt with and saw. I would suppress the emotions the job raised and crush them down deep within myself and pretended they didn’t exist. I kept a very tight hold on the lid keeping all of it trapped and isolated within myself. I was very good at doing this as are many on the job. Unfortunately, this leads to the misconception that cops are cold, unfeeling robots who are insensitive and use black humor that most don’t understand.

These misconceptions are not true in most cases, they are just the tools used to protect ourselves. Anyway, I left the job after 16 1/2 years and at that time I was asked to change my ways since I no longer needed to keep myself at a distance from the world around me. I was asked to lower the shields and let people, my partners, my family, my friends inside. To allow my relationships to get closer and more intimate. I spent some time and managed to do exactly that.

Up until that time I had always been a tough guy who lived by the principal of if you get hurt,emotionally, physically, whatever, you picked yourself up, rubbed some dirt in the wound and walked it off. You soldiered on, you didn’t whine about it. You didn’t let it slow you down. You didn’t even acknowledge it any more than absolutely necessary.

After removing the tools I had always used up until that I started to find that it was harder to  just get up, rub dirt in it and walk it off. Since I couldn’t suppress the emotions but instead had to experience them like everyone else I have been kind of at a loss of what to do with them. I struggle with developing proper tools to deal with emotions, stress and depression.

I have found a couple of things that help such as a grounding exercise to help me let go of things and a meditation technique using a symbol and sound combination but they only work about half of the time. So I would love to hear from you, my friends and those who I would like to have as friends if we don’t know one another yet, on what techniques and tools do you use to deal with depression, stress and emotional issues. Do you rely on pharmaceuticals assistance? Do you have a meditation technique that helps? Do you have an exercise in energy work that makes it easier to deal with life? Does it help to discuss the issues with others or does that just make it worse? Do you know of any other self-help skill that may benefit us?

I have really come to understand just how important it is to deal with these things in a healthy way since they effect not only us but all of our relationships. It impacts our loved ones, our families, our partners and coworkers. So, if we all chip in with our tools and experiences maybe we will all gain something from the topic. Thank you for your time and input. I wish each and every one of you a great weekend.



Bouncin in the Big Apple

18 Nov

Hello everyone, Babs here with this weeks update. Well let me tell you this was a busy week. We were doing a show in Edison, New Jersey called Exxxotica New Jersey. This was the second of the Exxxotica shows that we did this year and it was an interesting show.  They had a swing for me to play on and everything.

exxxotica NJ

So after playing on the swing with my sister, kasi I was hopping down the aisle when what to my wondering eyes did I see but a booth for a place called the Bunny Ranch. It sounds like my kind of place, the bunnies on the banner sure looked like they were having fun.

bunny ranch

Sir and I even got to do a live radio interview on Demon Seed Radio. Don’t I look good in the ear phones?

demon seed radio

So, after the show we took a quick side trip and visited New York City. It was a lot of fun exploring that city and the mass transit system was surprisingly easy to use and very efficient. It always looks scary to me on TV but it was fun in person. We visited our friends at Purple Passion, a store for grown ups looking for all sorts of erotic clothing and toys then hopped over for a peek at the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to take the boat ride around it to get a good look so it was kind of far away and hard to see any details. The buildings in the city were really cool to see and some guy even tried to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge. I didn’t think it would fit in the RV so I decided not to get it but I did take a picture.

broklyn bridge

We walked a lot during that day but it was fun. We hope to get to come back and spend more time there sometime soon. Anyway we are on our way to St. Louis now for the next show, Spanksgiving. It is a long way so I gotta bounce, see you next week.







Kasi’s Poly Realities

13 Nov

Hello, everybody. Kasi here. In light of Reggie’s very thought-provoking post last week, I thought I’d do my own version of “what people ask the most about poly.”

Of course, the first question people usually have is “How do you deal with jealousy?” And yes, jealousy is probably the number one thing you have to handle in this kind of lifestyle. I consider myself lucky that I’ve been on both sides of the equation: the recent addition with the New Relationship Energy, and the older, more established partner with a history.

Both of those positions are rife for jealousy–experiencing it and causing it. As the new person, you look at existing relationships and envy the long history, shared stories and interests, and private jokes. You feel like the least important person in the family, since you haven’t been involved with everything the family’s been doing. You wonder if you’ll ever have as strong a connection as the people who’ve been together for a long time.

On the other hand, when a new person enters the family, there is a definite New Relationship Energy (NRE) and a strong physical attraction. (If there wasn’t, why bring them in?) So the existing partner starts to mourn the fact that their partner doesn’t seem as “into” them as they were before. They used to be the “special” one, and now someone else has stolen that spot from them.

Of course, both of these things are just thoughts, and they’re a manifestation of the biggest mistakes that you can make in poly: comparing relationships.

One of the most important things (I think) that you can learn in this life is that just because you think something, that doesn’t make it true. You can’t allow yourself to get caught up in the thought “He loves her more than me.” It (or something similar) will occur on a regular basis, and if you don’t learn to just let those thoughts drift on by, you’ll end up getting trapped inside them, and then everything will start to look like evidence to support it.

The main premise of polyamory is that it’s possible to love more than one person. If you accept that, then you’ve got to allow for the fact that just because your partner loves someone else, that doesn’t mean they love you less than they used to. It’s easy to start looking for signs that you are being replaced, that you’re not important anymore because there’s someone new. That will just send you into a vicious circle. Once you start looking for the bad things in life, that’s all you’re going to see.

But the truth is that if your partner loves you, that’s not going to change if they get a new partner (any more than you quit loving the first child when the second one is born). You both still have to work on your relationship, find what’s special about it and cultivate that, while allowing the other relationships to have their own special things. And you also have to take responsibility for your own reactions. If things have to be perfect for you to be happy, you will never get there, because things are never going to be perfect.



Bouncing to New Jersey

11 Nov

Hi everybody! Babs here. We’ve been on the road for the last three days, and now we’re in Edison, New Jersey. I’ve been looking as we drove through but I don’t see any shores anywhere nearby. Very disappointed. I wanted to meet Snookie. I’ll keep watching.

As you can see from the picture, we made a stop at Gettysburg on our way here. I was really surprised at how extensive the battlefield areas were. I’ve always thought it was just big field, but apparently, like us, the armies really wanted to explore the area as they came through. There were monuments and battle markers everywhere, and it took a long time just driving through part of it. Very interesting. I was a little worried about the gun in the picture, but Sir assured me it wasn’t real. I still made sure I was on the right end of it, though. I don’t like guns.
20151110_144159 1
It’s been very cold and rainy here. Thank goodness today is much nicer. New Jersey has lots of wooded areas, so I might go out for a nice, long run. The humans don’t appreciate the cool weather; they keep talking about how they want to go back down South. I think there’s a branch of my family around here somewhere, so I might go see if I can flush any of them out. You know bunnies tend to have big families, so I have a good chance of finding some relatives. The humans are going to be busy at some show they call EXXXotica here in Edison. Something about people taking their clothes off again. I don’t see what the big deal is. We bunnies don’t bother with clothes much—although I have to say I do like a good rope dress.

See you next week!

Reggie’s Poly Realities

6 Nov

Let me tell you, the last ten years have been quiet a ride. We have had incredible highs and heart breaking lows. We have experienced wonderful additions and life altering losses. We have traveled coast to coast across this beautiful country numerous times and seen some amazing things. We also spend an average of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 10 years working our asses off. We still aren’t where we want to be in life but then who is and if we were that would only mean picking a new goal to work towards. Anyway, where I am going with this is that life is a journey. I know we have all heard this said many times but the corollary that is often unsaid is this, “Life is a journey but it looks a lot different to the watchers than it does to the travelers.”

I say this kind of tongue-in-cheek but there is a lot of weight behind it as well. We have been on our current path now for almost ten years. The path that blends our non-traditional relationship dynamics (polyamory, power exchange and BDSM/kink) with our business adventures (including the careers we each lost as well as Poly’s Pleasures and the writing each of us engages in) and our extensive traveling (often on a part time basis but now full time in an RV). To many this looks like a grand adventure, a wonderful vacation from the “real world”. To some extent it is exactly that but on most levels it requires a level of commitment that few would be willing to make. I don’t say this to toot our own horn but just to state a hard truth. It doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone else, just different.

It has however led us to many opportunities that some others may not have had. Because of the lifestyle choices we have made we live lives that are strange and exotic to many. This makes people want to ask questions so they can understand or make comments that show they really don’t understand what it is all about. It is not about an ego trip, it is not about getting to sleep with multiple women because I am misogynistic or narcissistic, it is not because the ladies are door mats or have no sense of personal worth, it is not about the sex. It is about the attempting to build something that is bigger or more meaningful than any of us could do on our own. It is about the relationships between each of us. To me at least, I don’t view love as a finite resource or something which should be hoarded.

One of the things that I hear a lot is people saying something to the effect of “I wish we were like your family”. From the conversations that have followed I get the sense that they mean being able to have a family that includes more than the traditional model where everyone is happy and loving all the time. If this is the thoughts of any I am about to disappoint you terribly. No one is happy and loving all of the time. We certainly aren’t, we are just like everyone else. Each of us spends their fair share of the time in the doghouse. We argue and say things we wish we could take back and behave in ways that don’t always make us very loveable just like everyone else.

So I would never suggest to anyone that we are a good example of a poly dynamic. We are an example of many things but none of them are that we are doing it right. We are a great example of stubbornness and tenacity though. We have persevered through a lot of things that would have broken up the less determined. The ladies tease me about binding people to me with “hoops of steel” . I don’t believe this to be a bad thing. These dynamics require a certain amount of masochistic tolerance and a willingness to work through whatever is going on and a trust in each other that no matter how angry you might be at one another in the moment that the love you have will win out in the end.

We are often asked “Where can I find that special someone to make our lives complete?” I am sorry, I don’t have a good answer for that. In our case it again came down to determination originally. We spent three years looking for our first poly partner and got luck that she was willing to brave the immense learning curve with us in the beginning. Then we got very fortunate in the magic happening a second time when most of us weren’t even looking to add someone new. So the short, not helpful answer that that questions is this, You will find that special someone or someone’s the same places you would if you were single. Not very helpful I know, I never claimed to be lol.

What I can help with though is sharing some of the battle scars we have gained for your consideration. Again, I do not claim any of this to be right or even an opinion shared by my ladies but are my interpretation of things only. In my opinion the most important things to the success of your non-traditional relationship is honesty. You absolutely must be honest with one another. We I first got into the poly lifestyle it was under some dramatic misunderstanding that ended up costing me someone very dear to me. We had countless discussions about why we were considering open our relationship. I wanted to share someone with her and I thought she wanted the same thing. We had talked about it enough times that I felt confident in that belief. It turned out she felt pressured to do this in order to save our marriage. This is a terrible idea if you don’t know it already. Adding someone will almost never save anything, it is a significant stressor that will exploit any weakness in your relationship. Not the people, the situation. Even though we had discussed it hundreds of times we hadn’t been completely honest in our intents and after a lot of both good and bad times ultimately cost me my marriage. So lesson #1 – ALWAYS be honest about things even when it is painful in the moment because if you aren’t it will be painful for a lifetime.

Another ting I have learned is that while we are all searching for the elusive unicorn (just so we are all on the same page a unicorn in this context is a single, bi-sexual person who will love you both equally) they are an unreal expectation. Even if you find someone who intends to be exactly that, life generally isn’t that simple. If that is what you go into the poly experience expecting you are probably dooming yourself to heartache and failure. How could it be anything else? The unicorn would be shouldering a huge expectation of being everything to both of you (or more depending on your circumstance) equally. Trust me when I say that no amount of trying, wishing, hoping or cajoling will ever make that happen. Having these expectations will however stress your new partner to the breaking point along with each of you and the whole thing will be an unpleasant experience. So, lesson #2 – Let the new relationships grow as life intends them to not as you intend them. You can’t force it no matter how hard you try.

The last point I will make today so I don’t bore you to sleep involves a wiliness to put your ego aside and work through the tough times. I spent most of my adult life as a police officer. This makes me a problem solver. When there is something wrong I am going to rush into the fray and fix it immediately. That’s what I do. As it turns out your partner/s may not appreciate this. They may feel that their way is the right way and no matter how deluded they may be we have to be willing to at least look at their position and adapt as needed. I often know my way is the right way, it wouldn’t be my way otherwise would it? But a willingness to step back, compromise and adapt will serve you much better than being right. So last lesson for today, Lesson #3 – Be willing to listen!!! Then adapt and compromise to solve the problem but don’t give up just because that would be easier.

Sorry, I get a little long winded about these topics but I get asked these things often enough that I thought it would be helpful to throw these experiences out there for everyone to consider. Like I said earlier, these are just me opinions and no one else’s. Take them for what they are worth and please share your opinions. I always like to hear what you have done. What worked and what blew your face off unexpectedly so I can try and avoid it, lol. Have a great weekend and if you have any questions for any of us please don’t hesitate to ask.

Later all;




Bouncing to Louisville – Wizard World Comicon

4 Nov

Hello all, Babs here and I am bouncing out of the Keys and on to our next adventure in Louisville, Kentucky. This past week we were fortunate enough to come back for our third year of doing Fantasy Fest in sunny Key West, Florida. The weather was amazing!!! It was warm and partly cloudy and the turn out was great. Let me tell you, this little bunny has never seen so many adults in some of the most interesting costumes in her little life. I saw aliens, witches, monsters and lots and lots of body painted flesh. It was a lot of fun.

We stayed in a very nice place called Little Conch Key which is just north of Duck Key and so about 60 miles from Key West. We got to spend several days after the festival there recouping and enjoying the area. As it turns out however my humans are not very good at math. They thought we were supposed to leave on Tuesday morning but actually it was Monday. So they had to pack up and hit the road earlier than they had planned. All they had to do was ask me, everyone knows bunnies are good at multiplying. I took the first turn at driving, here is me behind the wheel of the RV, :-)

Babs behind the wheel

So, as we drove out we got to drive up US 1 over many bridges and stretches of ocean. I asked eva to snap a picture for me. Here it is.

water in the keys

We are taking our time and are going a new way that we haven’t been before on our way to Louisville, Kentucky. That event is supposed to be a fantasy and comic convention. We haven’t done many of these so it will be interesting to see what happens. I’ll let you know what we see next week. Ok all I gotta bounce.



Exciting news and additions

2 Nov

Hello all-

As we mentioned last week we are back and ready to get after things with a passion. In addition to getting the blog back up and running we have added someone to the Naughty Ever After crew. Our good friend Melena Valerian has agreed to help us out by running a fan page for us. We are working out the technical details and then she will be taking care of much of those duties for us. She will be running contests, having prizes to give away, interviews and Q-n-A sessions with each of us (including Babs – we just can’t keep her away from the keyboard these days) and much, much more. She will be posting some BDSM themed pictures and discussions as well. It will be a lot of fun and a great way for us in closer touch with everyone. Stay tuned for details of when it will be up and running and we hope each and every one of you will join us there.

In addition to the new fan page, eva has agreed to handle much of the social media duties for our company (Poly’s Pleasures Jewelry – We have branched out and in addition to the colorful handmade chainmail we have always offered we have added a second line, our Wild Gypsy” line top our inventory which has other types of jewelry and accessories that we now offer. Most of the new line is still handmade by us but isn’t necessarily chainmail. She will be expanding our reach through instagram, pintrest, and twitter to name a few. She has even agreed to help Babs start and run her own Instagram profile.

On the blog site here, we are going to keep our travel schedule updated since we have taken to being on the road full time now. So if we are in your area or likely to pass through your area and you would like to meet for coffee or have us join your group for an evening of discussions and fun drop us a line. We have been very fortunate to be invited to present at more events this year and if your group would be interested in having us stop by and facilitate a group discussion on any of the things we write about, the BDSM, power exchange or polyamory lifestyles, get a toy bag tour or just shoot the shit with us please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to meet new people in person and to exchange ideas with those people.

We also have Babs hopping with excitement to share her travel adventures each week with everyone. Who ever knew that little bunny would love to write a travel section? She has also become quite the fan of having her picture taken and then to share those pictures with others. kasi, eva and I will all be contributing to the Friday teasers and education portion of the blog.

Thank you all for sticking with us. To share a bit of good news that we just got tonight, our book “The BDSM Diet” has been nominated for the Nation Leather association – Internationals Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Writers Award. This book is starting to get some attention, in addition to the nomination two separate national conferences have asked us to do a workshop based on the book. We are very happy to see if coming into its own. We look forward to hearing from you all.




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